Bi-folding doors, also known as concertina or accordion doors, open by folding back in sections, to connect an enclosed space to an adjacent open space.
For example, depending on the extent of its opening, a Euro Tech bi-folding door can extend your living room to the open space going out to your garden, patio or pool area.  A fully opened bi-folding door lets you enjoy up to 17 feet of unobstructed view.


Euro Tech Windows bi-folding doors can be customized to have between 3 to 7 panels in various configurations. The panels can be a combination of the following door types: tilt & turn as well as standard door panels hinged together (swing only).

When closed, Euro Tech bi-folding doors secure your home through their multi-point locking system and anti-lift mechanism to resist any attempt to open them outside. Depending on the size of the door there are up to 18 locking points available. For further information please check our security features page.

The bi-folding system can be opened where only one panel is used like a standard door. The rest of the panels stay in place, acting as walls separating the room from the outside. You may also tilt open one panel to let fresh air in or to allow hot air in the room to escape.
You can choose to open two panels as French doors if you need a wider door space. The bi-folding door can be fully opened by just turning the handle on one of the panels and the panels will neatly stack to the side. With a fully opened bi-folding system; the room fully extend and combine your indoor and outdoor space.

Features of Euro Tech’s Bi-Folding Doors System:
• Single, double or triple-glazing options available with both interior and exterior glass laminated, in order to achieve a total glass thickness of one and a half inches.
• The number of panels and their sizes are designed according to your desired specifications.
• The bi-folding door system includes an intelligent tilt and turn sash which can be operated independently of the other panels. The turn panel serves as an access door for daily use, while the tilt position of the panel allows fresh air in without actually opening the door.
• The door system is easy to operate using the handle and its easy-to-glide track system that allows the panels to slide smoothly and to stack on the sides of the door.
• Euro Tech bi-folding doors are available in up to 44 different wood grains as well as in hundreds of different solid colors.
• All panels fold easily in a space saving manner and conveniently slide to both sides of the door.
Euro Tech bi-folding door systems can be used both as a window or a door application. These products can be used for both commercial and residential purposes such as in large venues and restaurants where they can serve as space dividers. For example: in restaurants to create access to a patio space. In homes, they are an excellent and unique alternative to sliding door systems.