The sliding patio door is one of Euro Tech’s most cost effective styles of exterior doors, as it allows maximum natural light into the home. In addition, as sliding doors move parallel to the wall, they do not require as much space as doors that swing or turn to open and close.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio doors also allow an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Sliding doors usually consist of two or more individual panels; a combination of fixed and operating panels. As an alternative option, single panel sliding doors are also available.

Euro Tech sliding patio doors use nylon rollers for both a smooth and effortless operation. For security, each sliding door system has a multi-point locking system. The door also comes with an anti-lift mechanism which makes it secure, improving the sliding door’s resistance to forced entry.


1. Euro Tech Windows Sliding Patio doors are available in more than 7 door styles to choose from as well as many standard and custom colours. Using paint that has a built in UV protectant, which will resist fading.
2. Euro-Tech’s doors are designed and manufactured for energy efficiency. Insulated low-emissivity (lowE) glass and heavy-duty weather stripping are included in the manufacturing process to provide you with an energy efficient sliding patio door. You can expect a reduction in your cooling and heating costs.
LowE glass has microscopically thin, metallic coating that blocks heat flow. It is a proven energy saver, as it reduces heat loss to the outside in winter as well as heat transmissions from the outside during the summer. Over a certain period of time, a Euro Tech sliding patio door could pay for its acquisition cost from your energy cost savings.
3. A wide range of choices in terms of sliding door and configurations are available. For instance, they are available in 5’, 6’ and 8’, two-panel widths as well as a 9’ and 12’ three panel widths. The four panel doors are available in 10’, 12’ and 16’ increments and up to 8’ in height. Various glass styles suitable to any decor or architectural style are available.
4. Optional hardware is available, making it convenient and more secure to use the sliding patio door as a primary entrance door.
5. Virtually maintenance free uPVC does not require painting or scraping, in addition to no sagging, warping or bowing.
Sliding patio doors provide your home with an attractive feature that will fit your everyday budget.