About Us



Euro Tech Window Industries is a leader and authority in manufacturing and installation of vinyl and aluminum windows as well as doors for the residential, commercial and replacement market. Based in Canada and Europe, Euro Tech Window Industries has been in business for over 30 years. In addition to the outstanding quality of the design and workmanship, Euro Tech windows and doors are qualified by the Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency to bear the Energy Star label. We are proud to offer energy efficient products to our customers that will help them save on energy costs while doing our share to save the environment. We are conscious of the fact that our customers rely on us for superior design and superb engineering to create reasonably priced but high quality products that will satisfy your requirements. Euro Tech has a wide range of window and door styles, which include the following:Windows:

      • Casements & Awnings
      • Tilt & Turn Windows
      • Double Hung / Double Slider
      • Single Hung / Single Slider
      • Shaped Windows
      • Bays & Bows


      • Front Entry Door Systems
      • Sliding Patio Doors
      • Bi-Folding Doors
      • Tilt & Slide Doors
      • Tilt & Turn French Doors
      • Garden / French Doors
      • Lift & Slide Doors

Euro-Tech windows and doors

     are built with the following common features:

    • Multiple-point locking system for maximum security. The one-turn locking system offers more resistance to forced entry than the single-point lock in other windows and doors.  The door is secured with heavy tempered steel rods at the head and sill and with steel hook at the jamb. Some models include deadbolt locks.
    • Airtight construction and excellent water sealing that block drafts and prevent leaks and ice-build up. Euro Tech windows and doors keep the heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter, keeping you comfortable while you save on energy consumption.
    • A wide range of colours that will not fade and options to choose from.
    • Energy Star rating that translates to energy cost savings.
    • Virtually maintenance free because they will not warp, sag, rust or bow. In addition, they are non-corrosive and non-flammable.
    • Noise reduction to keep your home quiet and relaxing.
    • Professional window and door installation.
    • Easy to operate windows and doors while using one hand to open, close or tilt them with one turn of the handle.
  • We are proud of the wide array of services and products that we offer to our clients. Our team of experts can answer your questions and guide you in choosing the most appropriate products for your home. Over the years, Euro Tech has delivered optimum window and door solutions at reasonable prices. Our clients can rest assured that we are continually working to improve our products, pricing and services. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, contact our dedicated team of professionals for the best solutions for your window and door needs.

  • I am proud to recommend Euro-Tech Windows. I am a research Engineer for a majour Canadian company. I researched energy efficient windows for the better part of 10 months before selecting Euro-Tech as ‘by far’ the most energy efficient windows available. I selected triple pane windows with solar glass which would give me both cold & heat protection. My home was uncomfortable with it’s temperature differences from room to room and it was expensive to heat due to the hill top location of the home. Euro-Tech triple pane windows gave me exactly what I expected from a quality product, comfort!
    Ken A, Enniskillen
  • It is not easy for me to write these comments about my window purchases. I had a quote from Euro-Tech Windows in 2008. While the quote process was very informative and educational, I selected another company because the price was about 10% less than Euro-Tech. I have to admit that I did not heed the advice of the Euro-Tech consultant and check out the quality of all quotes on the government web site, I shopped solely on price. Now here it is two years later and I have called Euro-Tech to come out and to take out my two year old windows. I had made a very expensive mistake, my cheaper replacement windows were colder and far noisier than my 30 year old windows. I purchased new windows from Euro-Tech, this time I followed the consultants advise and upgraded to triple pane windows. They are exactly what I thought I would have had from the cheaper company; much warmer in the winter, cooler in the direct sun of the summer and FAR quieter due to triple pane technology. Yes, I bought windows twice in a two year period, but I am far happier having spent that little extra to get a great deal more.
    Allan S, Oshawa