At a glance, Bay and Bow windows may look alike. They both consist of three or more window panels that project outside a house; creating more space. Both are more attractive options to create a larger, less obstructed area to view your outdoor space compared to what you would see through a traditional flat window.  Bay and Bow windows will not only increase your interior space, they can also draw more light into the room.
Both the bay and bow window adds value to your home with their beautiful and elegant arches and angles.  The series of windows can be fixed or a combination of fixed and operating panes.


Bay windows often consist of a combination of three windows; typically a large center or picture window and two smaller windows on each side, projecting outward. The two smaller windows are angled approximately 30 to 40 degrees from the wall. The choices for the two smaller windows can be hung, casement or awning windows to provide adequate ventilation.
Having only three panels, bay windows are usually not as wide as bow windows, which consist of four or more panels. The three-panel combination gives bay windows their angular lines and flat planes. Bay windows also protrude farther from the wall, adding a little more to the interior floor space compared to bow windows.
On the other hand, bow windows consist of four or more windows of the same size, joined together at equal angles, resulting in a gracefully curved combination. A bow window also projects outward and usually allow for more light into the room, as there are more glass panes than in a bay window.  Bow windows also offer the flexibility to be wrapped around the corner of a structure, allowing unobstructed views from two directions.

Euro-Tech manufactures customized bay and bow windows according to your requirements and to the standard quality and durability of all Euro Tech windows.
With the additional space offered by bay and bow windows, you can create that window seat or special nook from where you can comfortably relax and enjoy the view outside your home.

Bay and bow windows are not only useful; they provide an attractive curbside appeal, while increasing the value of your home. Many realtors will agree that bay and bow windows are one of the first key features that are generally noticed by new homebuyers.
Plan to have your well-designed and durable Euro Tech bay or bow window now.