Single hung window has two sashes: one at the top and one at the bottom. The top sash does not move, while the bottom one moves up and down.
The single hung window opens as the bottom sash slides upwards to the top fixed sash. The bottom pane also tilts inwards for convenient cleaning. This window provides superior ventilation with effortless operation.

Single Hung / Single Slider

The single hung window is perfectly suitable for small rooms next to walkways, porches or patios, as they do not take any space when open.
Single slider windows have one operating sash. Either the left or the right side is fixed while the other one slides horizontally.  It is a window that allows for efficient ventilation, and easy to clean and operate. A single slider window maximum opening is half of the window area.

Windows with various locking options with single or dual point locks are also available.
Here are some advantages of having Euro Tech single hung/single slider windows in your home:
1. It is more affordable than a double hung window.
2. It is highly recommended for forming large window groups
3. They are virtually maintenance-free. Made from uPVC powder compound, the window profiles have better resistance against discoloration and impact. They will also not warp, blister or crack.
4. It has an attractive design because fusion welding eliminated the use of less attractive sealants and adhesives. Fusion welding also increased the profile’s overall structural strength.
5. Euro Tech Windows patented drainage system that removes water faster and more efficiently compared to the other systems used by other window manufacturers.
6. Depending on the window model, Euro Tech windows have triple or quadruple weather stripping for energy efficiency and reduced energy cost.
7. All screw are specially designed for uPVC which extend through a minimum of two walls for stability.
The right kind of window systems will add not only to the comfort and security of your home but also for its overall value.
Euro Tech windows are a long-term investment as they last significantly longer than other brands and require minimal maintenance only. Euro Tech conducts performance testing to provide you with trouble-free products that last for years.