Casements are movable windows that have existed since the medieval times. This type of window is hinged to its frame at the side and opens outward to the left or right like a door. Casement windows that are hinged at the top are called awning windows.
While awning windows provide slightly less ventilation than casement windows, they do provide better protection for the interior of your home from rain even if the windows remain open.


Since both casement and awning windows open outward, they do not get in the way of your indoor activities as well as interior decoration.

The quality of the materials and design used make Euro Tech casement windows the ultimate window in terms of ventilation, elegance, durability, maintenance, ease of use, security, noise reduction and energy efficiency.  Here are some of the important features of Euro Tech casements and awnings:
• The window frames are made from lead-free, 100% virgin uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) powder compound that is very resistant to discoloration and does not crack, warp or blister. Furthermore, using uPVC produces a clean, streak-free and shiny surface that will repel dust.
• The top and bottom hinges are made of stainless steel. The screen is easy to remove and made from a fiberglass mesh for easy maintenance and no corrosion.
• Fusion welding eliminates the need for the ordinary adhesives and sealants, resulting in a more attractive appearance. Instead, the PVC seals are co-extruded with the sash and the frame that ensures all the seals are 100% airtight and watertight.
• Euro Tech windows are built based on a patented drainage system that removes water faster and more efficiently compared to other systems currently on the market.
• A cross section of a Euro-Tech window is a multi-chambered design, with multiple thermal pockets all around the frame and the sash. This allows for better thermal conductivity; as there are no cracks or spaces for air to leak through. This feature translates to lower heating and air conditioning costs as well as sound reduction qualities.
• Triple weather-stripping is one of the reasons for the windows’ extraordinary air tightness, which also help reduce your air conditioning and heating costs.
• Double glazing ensures the windows’ effective insulation against cold, heat and sound as well as to withstand strong winds exceeding 330km/h.
• Euro Tech casements and awnings are manufactured using screws specially designed for uPVC.  The opening mechanism and security multipoint lock parts are securely fastened in screw boxes.
• Euro Tech casement and awning windows are easy to operate. They have multi position locking systems, which make it possible to lock and unlock the windows in up to 5 positions depending on the height of the window. Opening mechanisms and lock parts have a corrosion-proof finish for greater durability. The handles and locks also have nesting covers where they can conveniently fold into.
Euro Tech windows provide your homes with good ventilation without sacrificing security.

Mounting hardware is installed through a minimum of two uPVC walls for secure and durable fastening.
Casements open to a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning from inside.
An integrated brick mould cuts down on installation time, guarantees a perfect fit and prevents water infiltration inside the walls.

Can be installed as structural windows.
Can be specially reconfigured in any number of ways.
Durability and elegance adds value to your home.
Superior Thermal Insulation.

Multipoint locking system available for extra protection.
Sashes readily accept a wide range of energy-smart glass options.
Rigorous performance testing ensures years of trouble-free operation.
Sound Insulation, persistent noise in your home can have a lasting effect on your health. Noise causes stress. Not everybody lives in the idyllic country. In urban areas where road, rail and air traffic exist; outside noise penetrates the facade where it offers the least resistance, mainly through the windows. In many respects older windows represent the weak point.

Persistent acoustic stress can have far reaching consequences: poor concentration, depression, insomnia, and learning disabilities in children. Targeting sound insulation is a key issue. After all, your home should be a haven of peace. A place where you can escape the thermal noise of everyday life. Sound insulation starts with competent advice and achieves a perfect end with a proper installation. Keeping out disruptive noise is simply done by installing Euro Tech Windows. Treat yourself and your family to peace and quiet and see the difference our windows make. Sound insulation is one of life’s qualities that you can really feel.