Most windows are rectangular in shape made of uPVC. Euro Tech Windows can customize virtually any shape desired.
Through our unique vinyl forming process, Euro Tech offers you the option to modify any standard window design according to your specifications. For instance, you can enhance a casement or tilt and turn window by having an angled or arched top added. This allows you to satisfy your individuality to a certain level and have windows that truly fit the architecture and design of your home. This is most convenient when replacing windows in older homes.


Finding the right replacement windows can be a challenge because standard dimensions may have changed throughout the years or the design simply doesn’t match your home anymore. Euro-Tech Window can assist you with purchasing the right replacement window.

Euro Tech can provide you with custom-made windows that can be manufactured in a variety of colours. Any color can be applied to uPVC windows.

Euro Tech shaped windows are manufactured using uPVC. Below is a list of the advantages of shaped windows made of uPVC:
Low Maintenance – uPVC is easy to clean and is low maintenance, therefore there is no need to repaint, replace or repair the window following many years of use. It also does not rot, fade, sag, rust or warp even when used in homes located in humid regions or near the sea.

Durability and Security – uPVC is very durable and has the ability to withstand severe weather conditions
Heat Insulation/Sound Proofing – Heat and sound insulation is another important property of windows made of uPVC. Heat insulation allows the window to keep heat from coming in during the summer months and heat from going out during the winter months. uPVC windows have a much lower thermal conductivity than other materials used in window profiles; helping you save on cooling and heating energy consumption.